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SV-5QCD Type Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Gas Component Analyser

Using the original imported engine core of Capelec, France, the HC, CO and CO2 in the exhaust gas of gasoline vehicle were measured by the principle of infrared absorption spectrophotometry. The concentration of O2 and NO was measured by electrochemical p

SV-5QCD Type Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Gas Component Analyser


[Product Introduction]
It is suitable for environmental protection department, mining related enterprise department, automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, engine manufacturer, automobile maintenance enterprise, public security inspection station, traffic inspection station and scientific research department to inspect vehicle exhaust gas components such as vehicle maintenance, motor vehicle inspection, road inspection and scientific research.

[Technical parameters]
■Use of environmental conditions:
Temperature: 0-40 C
Humidity: not more than 95%
Atmospheric pressure: 70.0-106 kPa
Power supply: AC220V + 10%; 50Hz + 1Hz
■Measurement range:
O 2:0-2510-2vol
NO: 0-500010-6vol
Lambda: 0.8-1.2 (RMS)
Engine Speed (RPM): 0 rpm-9990 rpm (Optional)
Oil Temperature: 0 ~150 (Optional)
■Indicative error:
Absolute error of low concentration: relative error:
CO: +0.06% volCO: +5%
HC: +12 ppmvolHC: +5%
CO2: +0.5% volCO2: +5%
O 2: +0.1% volO 2: +5%
NO: +25 ppm volNO: +4%
■Preheating time: 10 minutes
■Weight: 10kg
■Volume: Host 420*320*250(mm)
■Auxiliary 170*200*400(mm)

[Functional characteristics]
■Based on the national GB/T 18285-2005 standard, and upgraded to improve the detection of the concentration of components of diesel vehicle emissions, meet the JJG688-2007 metrological verification regulations to meet the national level I and above metrological verification standards.
■Using the imported core of Capelec, France, the HC, CO and CO2 in vehicle exhaust gas were measured by the principle of non-spectrophotometric infrared absorption, and the concentration of O2 and NO was measured by the principle of electrochemistry.
Adding a special backflushing filter device for visible particulate matter emission from diesel vehicles can reduce the damage of particulate pollutants to the imported engine core, and more accurately measure the content of various gases in diesel vehicle emissions.
■It has idle speed and double idle speed test function, and can select oil temperature and speed measurement function.
Configuration of 7 inch high brightness LCD display, support multi-language operation menu.
■Automatically calculates and displays the value of excess air coefficient.
■Equipped with RS-232C digital serial communication interface to facilitate networking.
■Have more than 500 groups of data storage and access functions.
■With built-in printer
■The automobile power supply inverter can be configured to facilitate exhaust gas inspection on board.